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Big Food! Big Fun!

M.T. Bellies must be fully prepared to delight and astound each guest with the best of our Big Food, Big Fun!

This has been at the centre of the M.T. Bellies philosophy since May of 1993. Serving the Niagara region for the past 25 years, M.T. Bellies has become a home away from home for the people of Welland, this is a place to bring your family or your sports team, we cater to everyone.

“Great local watering hole.

Always a great place to meet after work to relax and have a drink among friends. John the owner is always there to make you feel welcome, adding to the positive experience.

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“Best beer, food and servers in Welland!

If you are in Welland. You must stop by. Best soup in the city! Service is second to none! Owner is awesome too.”

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“Tasty food at a reasonable price.

Great atmosphere. Can be busy on Fridays and Saturdays but that’s the sign of a good restaurant.Our food was very good with good portions sizes. The wait staff were very pleasant and attentive. The fried cauliflower was super yummy!!!”

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